Jo's take on Yoga

It is my belief that there are no boundaries in yoga, it is there for everyone to enjoy and everyone is made to feel welcome.

We all want to feel happy, calm and relaxed as well as preferably free from aches and pains but modern life often inhibits these goals.

Yoga teaches you to be mindful and enjoy and appreciate the moment and the time that there is. It focuses on removing energy blocks and releasing tension and stress which manifest themselves by clouding the mind and creating negative thoughts which create a tired, diseased body over time.

All you need is a desire and a commitment to setting a small amount of time aside each week to practise yoga. I hold regular group classes for people from beginners to advanced at locations across the Fylde coast including Lytham, St Annes, Poulton, Garstang and Wrea Green. Click here for further details.

'Asana' natural movement patterns

'Prior to everything asana is spoken of as the first part of Hatha yoga. Having done Asana one gets steadiness (firmness) of body and mind; disease-less-ness and lightness (flexibility) of the limbs.' Hatha Yoga Pradipika Verse 17- Chapter 1    

It is my aim over time to help and encourage individuals to re-introduce natural movement patterns, through the use of yoga movement known as ‘asana'.

Over time asana yoga releases negativity from the body allowing us to feel relaxed, healthier and happier. It encourages us to enjoy the moment instead of worrying about the past and the future.

Over time students feel and look younger. Learning to use yoga as a tool to work the spine and the body in a mindful manner, is like reversing the ageing process. As long as the spine is kept in a healthy state, nurturing the nerves that surround it and helping co-ordinate the brain, the body can stay feeling youthful and pain free.

The asana practice focuses on the breath, known as Pranayama. The breath is said to be the intelligence of the body and of course, without it we cannot survive. It is important mentally and physically to utilise the lungs fully. When used with awareness, it creates a calm and mindful thought pattern and way of life, reversing negative burdens whether they are a physical or mental ailment that is impacting on a person’s quality of life.

Within both a class environment and one-to-one situation I share the specific benefits of each yoga pose from postures which calm the mind to those that are good for releasing tension and working the spine and internal organs. I also demonstrate how postures are extremely beneficial for specific conditions such as asthma, sciatica, varicose veins, coughs and colds and digestion.

Each moment in the flow of a yoga class I teach is open to modification. I choose to flow because I believe it is better for the nervous system and it is better for the joints not to hold a posture for too long.

As a teacher I embrace the diversity of people’s needs, whether they are seeking a happier frame of mind, need to keep a hip problem at bay or they are a professional young athlete seeking to fulfil their potential. For many it’s all about keeping the body and mind as active and coordinated as possible so they can enjoy participating in whatever they enjoy in life for as long as possible.

As a yoga teacher it is very rewarding to see younger students admiring older yoga practitioners. It is wonderful to see older students quietly reflecting on what they 'used to be able to do' as well as enjoying the freedom to challenge their younger counterparts.

The most important part of yoga is how it feels for the individual and not how deep you can get into a posture that matters. If, following a practise, the next moment of the day can be welcomed with a clear, calm mind and a pain free body then the benefits of yoga have been achieved.


"Fabulous practice this morning thank you so much Jo"
- Jackie, Freckleton


Regular classes are held across the Fylde in Lytham, St Annes, Poulton, Garstang and Wrea Green, Lancashire. For details click here. Private  yoga classes are also available, click here for prices. 


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